Each design is unique, created exclusively for each client. The examples that are shown, illustrate examples from each collection that can either be used as a starting point for a new bespoke design or adapted to compliment a proposed or existing design scheme by changing its colour, scale and placement of pattern on a final piece. They give an idea of what can be achieved but any image or pattern can be explored in one of the combination of techniques.

Every commission that is undertaken is a one-off and therefore private to that client, so not every project is shown. A range of work can be seen if you request a visit, where a portfolio of work that is suitable for the project that is being specified can be seen. Zara delights in working through various design stages in consultation with each client to establish the requirements and aspiration of each client to ensure that each product is tailor made especially for them.


Fragments focusses on cutting away areas to reveal hidden patterns or images, creating different depths by applying images to different areas. Hand stitches are added to contrast with free machine and digital embroidered motifs. Throughout this collection images are combined with an eclectic mix of patterns and intricate hand stitches to embellish motifs, adding areas of colour and detail. The images and patterns are placed sympathetically so the form of the piece is enhanced.


Clusters explores different combinations of traditional hand stitches to create a minimal textured background inspired by random patterns created by seed heads, fallen leaves and petals. The placement of stitches echoes the clusters created by transient fallen debris. Traditional stitches become distorted or abstracted, inspired by photographs which are digitally manipulated. Clusters of stitches create areas of interesting textures drawing the eye over the form of the piece.


Memories reveals parts of images and patterns that have partially eroded away created by embellishing a varied combination of fabrics with traditional hand stitches, to create a rich colour palette and textured covering. The fabric takes on the appearance of containing a history of its own.